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About the System of museums

legal framework
  • The Act on Museums (1998).
  • Regulations concerning the means and measures for joining the System of Museums of the Republic of Croatia (2002)
principles of coordination and communication
  • The principle of professional competence and flexibility
  • a unique professional approach to carrying out museum activities (Article 2, Rules…)
  • a unique professional approach – developing standards for activities
  • promoting the dissemination of museum projects and events
  • promoting and supporting a higher quality of functioning for museums in the form of preserving, protecting, studying and promoting the museum heritage, as well as effectuating the social role of museums
  • supporting standards of work in all aspects of the activities and work of museums
  • strengthening inter-museum cooperation as well as cooperation among specialized experts in and outside museums through joint projects and mutual exchange of activities and services, advice
  • strengthening the links and supporting partnership among museums and other local, regional and national heritage and cultural institutions with the aim of pursuing joint or complementary projects.
central advisory institution
  • professional activity aimed at promoting the quality of museum activities through establishing a unique standard and norms (Article 4, Rules…)
  • monitoring/professional assistance/upgrading work