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Catalogues of exhibitions of publishing activities by Croatian museums and galleries

ISSN 1845-3686



The thematic exhibition Publishing Activities by Croatian Museums and Galleries that the MDC has organized every year since 1982 is accompanied by catalogues that contain a list of all museum publications published in the past year.
Summarized bibliographic descriptions list printed and non-printed publications on CD-ROMs (catalogues of permanent and temporary exhibitions, museum guides, monographs, periodicals etc.), as well as museum posters, postcards, calendars and other museum promotion materials. These catalogues form a unique bibliographic series that traces the history of museum publications, the number of bibliographic entries by authors and titles, as well as the diversity of the topics. They are an important segment within the field of a national bibliography, where museums as publishers and their publications have a central spot.


Editor: Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnić