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The courses are intended for curators and other museum professionals that take care of collections, but they are also useful for conservation workers, collectors and people from churches who wish to learn more about preserving collections.

Protecting museum collections – an introduction to preventative protection
This is general course and includes basic information about preventative protection of museum holdings, collections and museum objects, namely all types of material from which objects are made and all types of possible damage. It provides basic knowledge about preventative protection.
We recommend the course as a primer for all those who are being introduced to preventative protection, as an introduction to specialized skills.
The preventative protection of paintings
The course includes procedures for the preventative protection of paintings on canvas and on wood, and sporadically for those on metal or glass. It does not deal with works of art on paper. This specialized course is recommended for all those who come into contact with this type of material in any form.
MDC is always ready to advise and assist in the sphere of preventative protection (approach, instruments, materials, equipment…).



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