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International Museum Day in Croatia

The marking of International Museum Day, May 18th, was initiated in 1977 by the International Council on Museums (ICOM). ICOM. Every year, ICOM recommends to its members (museums and experts working in museums) a topic linked with current trends and events within the museum community. It is an opportunity for museums all over the world to attract public attention to the cultural heritage and the role of museums in preserving it.

At the MDC's initiative, International Museum Day in Croatia has been marked since 1980. In line with ICOM's recommendations, MDC informs museums about the theme, invites them to participate, communicates suggestions for marking the day, provides the public with an announcement at a press conference detailing projects that have been realized, and since 1995 it regularly publishes a summary of events in the periodical Informatica Museologica. 

On the occasion of International Museum Day, MDC has been publishing, for the past 29 years, thematic posters that it sends to all Croatian museums and to many institutions abroad.

In order to promote their work, on that day museums and galleries not only provide free admission for visitors, but also organize various events, from promotional campaigns, exhibition openings, openings of new museum rooms, to expert analysis, concerts, various programs and other activities aimed at various target groups – children, families, people with special needs.




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