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Donations to the city of Zagreb online

Private collectors have donated to the city of Zagreb valuable holdings of cultural and historical items and works of art that are being kept and presented, in part, in Zagreb's museums. This involves 27 collections donated over the past 50 years; almost 13,000 objects, drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects of fine craft that are only partially accessible to the public by means of the presentation of the holdings in authentic settings, in situ, or as part of permanent museum exhibitions. The aim of this project is to present the holdings of all donations with texts and digital images in order to realize the basic aim of the donations – making the objects accessible to the public at large. You can find the list and content of donations at

Author of the project:

Višnja Zgaga
T: + 385 1 48 47 898



Donation by Dr. Josip Kovačić:
Croatian Women Painters born in the 19th century
  Tilla Durieux Collection of Artworks   Josip Crnobori Donation



Ivan Gerersdorfer Donation   Collection of Drago Muvrin's African objects of art    Zlatko Zlatić Collection



Jozo Kljaković Memorial Collection (HR only)  
The Artworks Collection of Painter,
Printmaker and Restorer Josip Restek (HR only)
  Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš Collection



Dr. Vinko Perčić Memorial Collection (HR only)   Perinić Collection   Oskar Herman Collection (HR only)  



1. The Benko Horvat Picture Gallery Collection of the City of Zagreb
2. The Memorial Collection and Flat of the architect Viktor Kovačić
3. The Anka Gvozdanović Collection
4. The Drago Magjer and Nada Ostrogović-Magjer Collection
5. The Joza Kljaković Memorial Collection
6. The Ljubo Penić Collection
7. The Dr. Ivan Ribar and Cata Dujšin-Ribar Collection
8. The Nada Mirjević Collection
9. The Ivan Gerersdorfer Collection of Music Automata
10. The Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Kareš-Richter Collection
11. The Zora Majer Collection
12. The Tille Durieux Collection of Artworks
13. The Master Craftsman Workshop for the Restoration and Building of Stringed Instruments of the late Franjo Schneider Collection
14. The Bela and Miroslav Krleža Memorial Space
15. The Dr. Josip Kovačić Donation "Croatian Women Painters Born in the 19th Century"
16. The Dr. Vinko Perčić Memorial Collection
17. The Marta and Vilim Svečnjak Collection
18. The Nikola Marčetić Functional Culturology Collection
19. The Ambiental Collection of the Sculptor Professor Robert Frangeš-Mihanović
20. The Ljeposlav Perinić Collection of Dolls in Folk Costume from All Over the World
21. The Branko Majer and Katja Matkovič-Majer Collection
22. The Silvana Seissel Donation
23. The Marija Tomljenović-Valečić Collection
24. The Dr. Vera Horvat-Pintarić Collection
25. The Josip Crnobori Donation
26. The Drago Muvrin Collection of Traditional African Artworks
27. The Dr. Anto Rodin Collection of Old Packaging
28. The Artworks Collection of Painter, Printmaker and Restorer Josip Restek