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Computerisation of Croatian museums

The project of computerization of museum activities in Croatia is an extension of the MDC's long-term activities aimed at the computerization of the Croatian museum network. As early as in 1980 the MDC initiated the project the Basics of Documentation and Classification of Museum and Gallery Objects in Croatia, with instructions for security microfilming of museum documentation. An important part of the project was the Museum and Gallery Information System – MUGIS, which was envisaged as a communication network for unifying and linking the information holdings of museums, users and other potentials in museum activities.

The implementation of systematic computerization was ensured in 2004 by the Ministry of Culture when it acquired the M++ software by Link2. MDC was given the role of coordination and expert advice in installing, maintaining and monitoring the treatment of museum holdings with the aim of improving the computer cataloguing of museum objects (according to records to date, it amounts to only 10 per cent of the number of objects and 22 per cent of the total amount of holdings recorded in inventories). 

M++ is an integral information and documentation software solution for museums that has been continuously developed and upgraded since 1997. By the end of 2005 the M++ software was installed in 73 Croatian museums, and the installation of software and the upgrading and education of professional staff for work with the program are being carried on continuously.
The M++ program completely conforms to the Rules governing the content and method of keeping museum documentation about museum holdings (Official Gazette 108/02), and its main characteristics are the following:
  • it supports the treatment of primary, secondary and tertiary documentation using sophisticated means of search, thus enabling a flexible access to the database and complete control over its content.
  • it supports multi-user work on a computer network, along with a system for protecting access to data
  • transfer of data into pdf and XML formats
  • total flexibility for printing (forms, captions, catalogue units etc.)
  • various possibilities for repeat use of digital content (text, image, sound, video…)


Report by Mirna Šimat and Vladimira Pavić, MDC




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