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Exhibitions of publications by Croatian museums and galleries

In 1982 MDC initiated the exhibition project Publication activities by Croatian museums and galleries.

From that time this annual thematic exhibition aims at the following:

  • to provide the professional public, as well as the public at large (students, collectors, antique book dealers, bibliophiles, people with various interests, various age groups and professions) a direct insight into and contact with the publishing activities of museums and galleries from all over Croatia in the past year;
  • to present the publication activities of museums and galleries as a very vital and significant segment of the work of these institutions;
  • to continuously follow the development and standardization of museum publications, the design of their formal and essential characteristics (electronic publishing), turning towards target groups like children (museum primers, picture books…) or people with special needs (the sight impaired and blind);
  • to present art and design solutions for museum publications;
  • to promote the publishing activities of museums and galleries, to increase and broaden distribution and reading public, to develop awareness about the need to sell museum publications within museum marketing efforts.

The exhibition has been held continuously at the International Fair of Books and Education Tools (the Zagreb Fair), with the intention of being present at other important book fairs (like the Book Fair in Pula).

Because of the lack of specialized museum shops and bookshops, the exhibition of publication activities by Croatian museums and galleries is the only and most comprehensive form of the presentation of a broad spectrum of museum topics and their realization that ranges from computer printouts of exhibition catalogues to deluxe encyclopaedia-type publications, or modern electronic publications.

The exhibition is accompanied by various promotional drives, thematic exhibitions or presentations to mark museum anniversaries, to draw attention to significant individual museum projects. By presenting the first museum CD-ROMs, museum publications for children and the young population, the visual identity of Croatian museums, awards to museum publications and so on, the intention is to present the specific nature of museum publications. 

All exhibitions are accompanied by a catalogue  containing a list of exhibited museum publications.

During the 20th exhibition, MDC organized an international symposium Museum Publications and the New Media (Zagreb, the Mimara Museum, November 12th and 13th 2001), with the participation of experts from Croatia, Great Britain, Hungary and Slovenia.