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Museums of Film -  Film in the Museum
International Symposium
Organised by the Museum Documentation Centre, Zagreb, Croatia
Venue and time: November 5-6, 2015
Museum of Contemporary Art, Av. Dubrovnik 17, Gorgona Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
Project manager and contact person: Lada Dražin-Trbuljak,
The objective of the international symposium would lie not only in consideration of the possibilities of and preconditions for encouraging initiatives for the founding of a film museum in Croatia; at the same time this interdisciplinary meeting of experts should set off discussions about issues that arise in this domain: the definition of terminology, challenges in the encounter of the analogue world and the new digital paradigm, taking up issues of professional and scholarly historical and artistic research, facing up to the accelerating changes of technologies and the problems of preserving the audio-visual heritage, and expectations and experiences of visitors to and/or users of the film museum.
Taking part in the symposium, in addition to museum professionals would be those from the domain of the film, practitioners and theorists, film history researchers, film-makers, visual anthropologists and architects as well as invited curators of celebrated world film museums who have both practical and theoretical experience in this area. We plan for the programme to consists of lectures of about twenty speakers, divided into several panels. (more)
  • Call for papers (.doc) (.pdf) download version
  • Schedule: Full Paper Submission December 31, 2015






Music in the Museum / Museums of Music
International Symposium
Organised by the Museum Documentation Centre
Venue and time: October 16-18, 2013
Mimara Museum, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Croatian Music Institute, Museum Mimara, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb

The Museum Documentation Centre is organising an international symposium on the theme of the Croatian music and sound heritage entitled Music in the Museum / Museums of Music.

Objective of the Symposium. We have identified the absence in Croatia of any national museum of music or any strategy for the systematic collection and study of the musical heritage. The objective of the symposium is to register the musical material in museums and other heritage institutions; to bring into focus the problems of the study and presentation of the heritage of musical monuments and the intangible musical heritage, including their preservation and communication with the public via digital media; to create a  database and interconnect all the experts: musicologists, museum professionals, teachers and other people employed in the arts and education; to create a well-informed platform for the discussion of theoretical and practical issues related to music in the museum.. (more)







Museum Networks in Europe
Round-table conference
Museum Documentation Centre, Ilica 44/II, Zagreb
February, 22-23, 2007

Museum Documentation Centre organizes the round-table conference on different forms of connecting/networking museums in European countries.The official language of the conference will be English.
The goal of the round-table conference is to learn about the system of connecting/networking museums in each of the participating countries (through presentations) and to exchange experiences (through discussion).

The professionals from Belgium, Norway, Slovenia, Portugal and Croatia will present their systems of connection, i. e. creating the system of assistance and support for their museums considering organizing and everyday activity. The discussion about the networking experiences would take place after the presentations. (more)




Museums and Literature 
International Symposium
Mimara Museum, October 26th and 27th 2006

The international symposium dealing with the theme Museums and Literature, organised by MDC in Zagreb within the framework of marking the 25th exhibition of publishing activities by Croatian museums and galleries, will bring together museum professionals, authors and other heritage experts in order to consider the interrelationship between museums and literature. (more)