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Collection of Museum Posters

The Collection of Museum Posters was founded in 1973, and today holds 7700 posters from museums and galleries that trace the activities of Croatian museums and galleries, as well as those abroad. Posters document exhibitions, lectures, campaigns, the marking of International Museum Day and other museum activities.

The collection also holds posters that present the heritage in various ways, and were published by non-museum institutions (institutes for the preservation of the cultural heritage, tourism boards and so on).

Most of the posters are by anonymous authors, but the Collection also holds numerous works by renowned Croatian artists and designers like I. Picelj, B. Ljubičić, B. Bućan, A. Rašić, N. Dogan, D. Brčić, M. Licul, V. Drajht Kralj, Z. Pliskovac, Z. Tišljar, V. Giuricin, V. Rožman, M. Šutej, D. Fritz, M. Gregl, K. Hraste, Bruketa & Žinić, Digitaldizajn and Graffiti design and others.

An overview of the annual production of posters by museums and galleries in Croatia is published in the catalogue Exhibition of the Publication Activities of Croatian Museums and Galleries, which is organised annually within the framework of the International Book Fair – Interliber – in Zagreb.

A special group consists of posters that the MDC publishes to mark International Museum Day and anti-war posters, i.e., those that were created during the Homeland War in Croatia. Both of these groups are very worthwhile, especially the posters that illustrate the recommended themes for International Museum Day. Domestic and international awards are testaments of their quality, most notable among the awards being the most prestigious reddot award, that was awarded to Boris Ljubičić’s poster in 2000.

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