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Archive of museums and galleries in Croatia
The archive contains documents about the historical development of all museum institutions in the Republic of Croatia, work reports, programmes of work and activities of each museum and gallery, surveys, projects, documentation concerning collaboration with similar institutions home and abroad, as well as with the communities in which they work.
The Archive of Museums and Galleries in Croatia also holds material collected on professional seminars, new exhibitions in museums, treatment of problems of drawing up inventories, conservation and safekeeping of museum materials, it records papers, blueprints of exhibition designs, records of publishing activities, information about the buildings, moves to new sites, refurbishing and adaptation of the rooms in which museums and galleries are housed, collected excerpts from the register as well as letters and recommendations, records of all the public activities of each institution as well as a host of other documents that relate to the staff of museums and galleries and pressing museological themes.
The MDC Personnel Archive
The personnel archive was founded in early 2002 as a part of the Archive of Museums and Galleries in Croatia with the aim of collecting and keeping relevant information created through the activities of prominent individuals in the Republic of Croatia whose work and efforts resulted in the promotion of the museum profession and their local area.
By collecting the information for the Personnel Archive we are contributing to the cultural history of Croatia, facilitating research for future generations and creating materials for future museum publications. This segment of the intangible heritage has the same value as other archival materials and is subject to regulations pertaining to the protection of cultural assets.
The Homeland War Archive
This archive holds documents that are thematically linked with the Homeland War (1991-1995), information about museum and gallery institutions in temporarily occupied territory, the condition of the museum and gallery holdings during the war, records of the measures taken to protect the heritage in line with international conventions, records of the theft of cultural treasures, reports by fact-finding missions undertaken by ICOM, the Council of Europe and UNESCO in collaboration with the MCD concerning war damage to museum buildings and museum objects, as well as a register of war damage to museums and galleries in Croatia.
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