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Welcome to the Museum Documentation Center website!

The Museum Documentation Centre is a public institution founded in 1955 as the documentation, information and communication node of the Croatian museum network.
Through its basic activity - documentation, information, advisory, museological, research, educational, publication, library and exhibition activities MDC participates in the development of the Croatian and international museum community.
Today in Croatia there are some 284 museums, galleries, museum collections; 171 church collections, as well as a large number of private collections that hold 7,628,935 objects.

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Welcome to the world of Croatian museums!
Here you can find information about 284 museums listed in the Register of Museums, Galleries and Collections in the Republic of Croatia, as well as an overview of museum collections and documentation holdings kept in these museums. The information also includes lists of experts working in the museums.
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Croatian Museums on Internet

The project was conceived as a guide through museums, their collections and most representative segments of their holdings. Museums from all parts of Croatia, from those with diverse holdings significant for a certain region or city, to specialized museums that are linked with a specific discipline or person and are represented by general information, the history of the institution, activities, description of the collection and a selection of museum objects.
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Croatian museums network

All Croatian museums registered at the Croatian Ministry of Culture are included into Croatian museum network by the provision of the Museum Act. The Croatian museum network has been established "as the organised form of professional activity" aiming to "improve the quality of museum activities, establishing the unique standards and norms for museum work.
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Computerisation of Croatian museums

The project of computerisation of museum activities in Croatia is an extension of MDC's long-term activities aimed at the computerisation of the Croatian museum network. The implementation of systematic informatisation was ensured in 2004 by the Ministry of Culture when it acquired the M++ software by Link2. MDC was given the role of coordination and expert advice in installing, maintaining and monitoring the treatment of museum holdings with the aim of improving the computer cataloguing of museum objects.
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